Landscape Architecture

Land and Heritage provide a wide range of landscape and design services across our team.  Areas of work include:

  • Masterplanning
  • Landscape Assessment
  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Contracting


We can draw on the expertise of our landscape, arboricultural, ecological and heritage professional staff to create integrated Masterplan drawings of high environmental quality. By assessing all of the environmental assets on site and optimising them within the Masterplan we can deliver planning consent, particularly where designations and constraints are present.

A master plan may be submitted as part of a planning application, or as a support document to establish ‘in principle’ the acceptability of development proposals in advance of detailed design work.  Master plans may also indicate the planned phases of development for larger residential or mixed use developments and will be used to guide the detailed design stages of a development.

Landscape Assessment

An effective Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) can be a key consideration in planning decisions as it will identify the effect of a development on both the physical landscape and the views. This can be particularly important for major developments or in locations where there is the potential for significant landscape or visual sensitivity, such as within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Landscape Design

Our landscape designers create environments that attractive, well-designed and functional, where people live, work and enjoy their surroundings. We design sustainable spaces that respect their local environment, protect and enhance natural habitats and increase biodiversity. This can include wetland habitats as part of sustainable drainage schemes, wildflower meadows and attractive planting schemes planting native species of high ecological value.  We also work on a range of historic gardens and houses, where integrating historical knowledge and research is a key part of understanding landscapes and creating complementary designs.

Landscape Implementation and Construction

As well as design and consultancy we are happy to help clients install and plant our designed landscapes.  This can be either via project management of other contractors or using our own contracting team.  As well as offering a one-stop solution we also find it an excellent way to control costs and maintain high quality standards.

Case Studies


Bericot Way, Welwyn Garden City

Welwyn Garden City was founded as a new town in the 1920’s, with the intention of being a town designed for healthy living, so a special landscaping scheme was needed for this development.  Agreed plans included enhanced tree planting, including Red flowered hawthorn, Cinnamon barked birch, flowering cherries, maples and Magnolia within private gardens and a community green.  A small nature area was also designed which serves a dual purpose as part of a sustainable urban drainage area.


Huddersfield A62 Corridor LVIA

Land and Heritage Ltd were commissioned to assess the likely landscape, townscape and visual effects of the road improvement and green infrastructure scheme for the A62 Smart Corridor along approximately 2km of the A62 Leeds Road in Huddersfield.  Recommendations for the work included new tree planting within the scheme to enhance the green character of this gateway into and out of the city in the long term.  The tree planting enabled an overall conclusion that the scheme is assessed as scoring Slight Beneficial on both landscape and townscape using the WebTAG methodology.


Landscape plans for local housing development

On smaller developments it is often possible to integrate ecological recommendations with landscaping plans.  One case study where we have been able to do this is Shute Lane, Pensilva, where we have worked on ecology, landscape and Japanese Knotweed control.  the ecology recommendations were included in the landscape plan, which will see the construction of Cornish hedges, native species tree planting and protection measures for the small stream running along the edge of the site.