Heritage Landscapes

Horsebridge, Tamar Valley, flood plains on the Devon and Corwall border

At Land & Heritage we have a particular passion for historic landscapes, whether they are designed gardens and parks, great swathes of rural upland and lowland, or industrial heritage sites. We enjoy exploring the many layers through time that have shaped a landscape, learning about what makes it special to people, and helping to improve how they are presented, interpreted and sustainably maintained in the future.

We often need to include buildings, archaeology and private collections for context when working on landscapes, and at times work on stand-alone buildings and collection projects.

Examples of our work in this sector include:

  • Conservation assessments, statements and plans for the heritage sector
  • Heritage Impact Assessments
  • Garden & landscape design for new schemes, and within established historic landscapes
  • Researching the history of woodlands as part of their management planning
  • Interpreting old maps, archives and clues on the ground to develop deep understanding of a site
  • Utilising knowledge and experience to enhance properties and visitor experiences
  • Unlocking and defining ‘spirit of place’
Case Studies

Design and project management by Land and Heritage of the new gardens at Leeds Castle, Kent

The new Pleasure Gardens at Leeds Castle are an ambitious project, which has seen Matt Jackson design 6 new character gardens areas within a 26 acre site. Care has been taken to harmoniously install the gardens within a Grade II listed park, with over 1000 years of heritage. We are project managing the creation and planting of the landscape, which has been designed to raise the horticultural profile, and to be enjoyable to a wide range of visitors.

Glynllifon Manor at Plas Glynllifon where Land and Heritage are managing the restoration of the Grade I listed heritage landscape and garden

Plas Glynllifon, North Wales

Glynllifon is an internationally significant heritage site, with Grade I listed garden and parkland, and home to a large colony of Lesser Horseshoe bats making it a European SAC (Special Area for Conservation). As part of plans for a luxury hotel, Land & Heritage is undertaking the complex task of researching and producing restoration plans for the landscape, whilst ensuring that the bat colony enjoys enhanced conditions in which to thrive.  Read more

An early photograph of the Ebworth Estate where Land and Heritage completed a Conservation Management Plan for the National Trust

Ebworth Conservation Plan, The National Trust

Matt Jackson & Stephen Lees led a team to produce a comprehensive Conservation Management Plan for the Estate. The estate includes renowned beech woods, forming part of the Cotswolds Commons and Beechwoods National Nature Reserve, but also has an organic farm and a range of vernacular buildings. The landscape as a result has been noted as worthy of Grade II listing, and has been elevated within the general management of the estate.