Landscape design and hard landscaping management by Land and Heritage at Leeds Castle, Kent

We believe in helping our clients to achieve solutions. Consultancy reports should not stop at a series of recommendations, but must include contacts, contracts or contractors to deliver them. To support this we work with a network of experienced contractors and also run our own small team to undertake specialist works. Frequently we offer a mix, with our own staff working in conjunction with specialist plant hire companies.

Our works have included:

  • Habitat reinstatements for South West Water
  • Wetland habitat creation, project managed for British Waterways, and also installed on our own land holdings
  • Reptile fencing and translocation works
  • Japanese Knotweed elimination
  • Woodland track creation, including bridge construction
  • Design and planting of a range of natural landscapes as parts of wider developments and for private landowners
Case Studies

Reptile fencing used during an ecology survey by Land and Heritage

Reptile fencing and capture, Hirwaun Industrial Estate

An old industrial site is being developed as a waste recycling and energy recovery centre.  Prior to development it was necessary to exclude reptiles from the site and undertake a rescue programme.  Work included reptile fencing, stock fencing and harvesting of hay to reseed other parts of the site with local wild flowers.

Japanese Knotweed control and management by Land and Heritage

Japanese knotweed control, Selleck Nicholls

We initially provided a Japanese Knotweed Management Plan for the developer of 49 homes, enabling them to save thousands of pounds taking contaminated soil to landfill. We have gone on to implement a five year spraying programme, closely tailored to the build schedule, enabling all the contaminated soil to be treated on site. The contract has extended to dealing with sources of infestation on neighbouring properties to prevent recurrence.

Natural landscaping design and habitat conservation by Land and Heritage

Natural landscaping, various locations

Planning consents can involve major planting schemes and other habitat creation works to enhance settings and meet planning policy requirements. We not only plan and specify such schemes but can also implement them on the ground. Examples include native tree and shrub planting, wildflower meadows and wetland habitats as part of sustainable urban drainage schemes.